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We are happy to run your ad on our station as long as it complies with our general policy.

 Our policies are simple.

(1). We will not advertise for any pornographic materials or services.

(2). We will not run as that promote hate or discrimination to any person or living sentient creature.

(3). We will not run any ad that could be in conflict with the natural laws of any state, especially those pertaining to non profit organizations.

(4). We will not run political ads 

(5) The content of any ad is the total responsibility of the author. The Station does not warrant any product or service.

Your 30 sec promo ad can be heard by thousands worldwide.  In addition we will build you a link on our product page so people can find your site or product with ease.   \

Each ad spot cost 25.00 per month and will run on heavy rotation for the first two weeks (approximately 1 time every 1 hr 42 min (give or take) then it will convert to Medium Rotation ( every 4 hrs).

Ad's must be clear and of good sound quality, at least 128 kbps (Mp3 format). Subject matter must be suitable for all ages. We reserve the right to reject any and all ads, at our discretion.

Once you have recorded what you wish to say, simply email is by clicking the

email button. You will be taken to our contact page and a simple form. We will respond with a email address to submit your ad and notice to pay for your ad.

Simply click the email button and send your request to advertise, all major credit ​cards as well as paypal is accepted.